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  • January 17, 2018 - West Valley View News
    West Valley View News
    January 17, 2018

    Jessica Gonzalez- Columnist

    Goodyear Artist Demonstrates Photomicrography at Expo

    Goodyear’s Lee Hendrickson is anything but a typical artist. A research scientist for 35 years, Hendrickson begins his day not with paintbrushes or clay, but with crystalline solutions and microscope slides.

    Hendrickson grows and then photographs microscopic crystals on glass research slides. As light shines through the slides from the bottom of the microscope, the crystals act like prisms to refract the light and create beautiful patterns of color.

    “From my career as a biochemist I knew how beautiful crystals could appear under the microscope,” Hendrickson said. “When I left my last job at a pharmaceutical company, I wanted to find a way to share that beauty with others.” People interested in Hendrickson’s work can see the entire process during the Arizona Fine Art Expo through Sunday, March 25. Hendrickson is one of nearly 100 fine artists who have set up their studios at the 44,000 square foot Expo, located in the festive white tents at 26540 N. Scottsdale Rd, on the southwest corner of Scottsdale and Jomax roads next to McDonald’s Ranch. This gives guests the rare chance to meet the artist see them in action and learn about their passion, inspiration and techniques.
    This is Hendrickson’s third year participating in Arizona Fine Art Expo. He especially enjoys the opportunity to teach patrons about the science behind his artwork.

    With college degrees in biology and biomedical photography, Hendrickson is uniquely qualified and one of the world’s only artists focused on crystal photomicrography. Growing crystals can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several days. Typically the most beautiful configurations of the crystals last only minutes to a couple hours before they start to degrade. During that time Hendrickson uses a top-of-the-line camera attached to a high-powered microscope to capture images of the crystals.

    After moving the slide to find the precise composition, Hendrickson begin snapping away with his camera. The crystals he creates are never colored and are reproduced exactly as seen under the microscope. He has worked on commission pieces for coffee, wineries and pharmaceutical companies isolating crystals from common ingredients found in each. However the majority of his patrons fall in love with the beautiful images and vibrant colors randomly created by the crystals as they form. Judy Coombs founding partner in Arizona Fine Art Expo said Hendrickson is always a big draw for the event “Lee’s work is fascinating and the Expo offers a rare chance to see how he works,” Coombs said. This year’s event also offers a new schedule of culinary tasting, glass blowing, glass fusing and chainsaw sculpture demonstrations that will be educational and exhilarating to watch.
  • March 16, 2016 — Science as Beauty and Poetry (The Foothills Focus)
    The Foothills Focus
    -March 16, 2016

    Shea Stanfield Arts Columnist

    Science as Beauty and Poetry

    “We especially need to imagine in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry as well.” Dr. Maria Montessori. As Dr. Montessori observed imagination is the “scope” which allows us to see what is already there. Such is the life and journey of local Scientist and Artist Lee Hendrickson, who believes it is the artist’s goal to make the invisible visible and in doing so reveal to the viewer a fresh and thought provoking worldview. Lee brings forth the “hidden world” seen only through the lens of a microscope.

    Lee began his “incredible journey” growing up outside of Chicago, Ill. At the age of 12, he earned money shoveling snow during the seemingly endless Midwestern winters. The funds provided him with enough to buy his first microscope and setup a small laboratory in the basement of his family’s home. Not many years later, Lee moved his scientific curiosity to the warmer Atlanta, GA where he attended Emory University to pursue his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Shortly before graduation Lee took his first photograph through a microscope of a rat flea, transmitter of the feared bubonic plague. Fascinating as it was, he realized there was a limited career path in pictures of fleas. Lee instead entered a career as a research scientist in both academic and biotech institutions that would span the next 35 years of his life.

    While enjoying a successful career in science Lee obtained an A.A. degree in Biomedical Photography from Bellevue College in Bellevue, WA. The program allowed him to focus his skills in both macro and micro photography. During his training in the 1980’s he discovered the hidden and magical world of crystals. At this point Lee began growing his own crystals and discovered endlessly fascinating subject matter for his photography. In 2005, he founded Side Street Photographics, which proved to be a fateful move. Not long after Lee found himself caught in his third corporate downsize and decided to pursue his photography and art full time.

    Today, Lee and his wife live in the Phoenix area. His home studio/lab is a constant environment for expanding his knowledge of crystal compounds, photography techniques and exploring the endless array of patterns hidden in the micro worlds.
    Lee lectures on his technique to interior designers and photography enthusiasts alike. As an educator he has taught both adults and children and in 2012 authored and published an instructional DVD set Lee Hendrickson’s Creative Travel Photography. To view Lee’s astonishing images or to contact him visit his website at www.PhotographyofCrystals.com. Meet Lee at The Fine Art Expo, Jomax and Scottsdale Roads from now through April 3, 2016.
  • April 15, 2015 — Rinekwall Announces New Microcrystal Collection
    April 15, 2015

    Dana Agamalian

    Art and science collide to create spectacular designs

    Costa Mesa, CA – RINEKWALL is proud to announce The Microcrystal Collection. The collection is the result of the collaboration between renowned scientist and artist Lee Hendrickson and the design team of RINEKWALL. Hendrickson’s images of vastly intricate crystals have been transformed into endlessly repeating designs by RINEKWALL.

    Lee Hendrickson’s fine art photographs capture a world invisible to the naked eye. Hendrickson’s crystals are cultivated at his own studio and laboratory. The crystals refract light in thousands of directions resulting in infinite color combinations. Magnified through a high-resolution digital imaging microscope, the crystals are typically no larger than the head of a pin. The resulting patterns and complexity of the designs never cease to fascinate.

    “Some crystals have the unique property to behave like a prism,” Hendrickson explains, “so as the light then passes through the crystal formations on its way to the camera, the different colors of the visible spectrum can be revealed.”

    For 35 years Hendrickson was a research scientist both in academic and biotechnology institutions. Hendrickson is the author and co-author of over a dozen scientific papers and his fields of studies consist of biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmaceutical development and plasmon resonance technology, and biomedical photography.

    In 2005 Hendrickson founded his company Side Street Photographics dedicated to the development and enrichment of photographic techniques. Hendrickson is an award winning artist, exhibiting his work in the United States and internationally. His work can be found in public, private, and corporate collections.

    RINEKWALL UNIVERSAL APPLICATIONS is an award winning collection of cutting-edge photographic designs, which are applicable onto any substrate or product. Custom designs and private label collections for architectural elements, licensing, or merchandising are also available by RINEKWALL. Dana Agamalian is RINEKWALL’s creator and designer. John Rinek is RINEKWALL’s engineer and photographer. To view the entire RINEKWALL collection please visit www.rinekwall.com

    For photography and additional information about RINEKWALL, please contact:

    RINEKWALL, 1980 Placentia Avenue, Suite F, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
    Telephone: 949.637.4756 Fax: 949.612.7886 Email: info@rinekwall.com
  • June 3, 2015 — Biologist Turns Microscopic Crystals into Vibrant New Art Form
    For Immediate Release
    June 3, 2015

    Media Contact:
    Lee Hendrickson

    Biologist Turns Microscopic Crystals into Vibrant New Art Form

    Artist Lee Hendrickson will be Meeting Potential Licensors at the Licensing Expo

    PHOENIX -- Crystals have long been used for harnessing energy and healing. Biologist turned photographer, Lee Hendrickson, is using crystals to turn a 35-year career in science into a vibrant and powerful new art form.

    Hendrickson, a career research scientist, author and inventor, grows intricate crystal patterns, creating a kaleidoscope of multi-dimensional designs. His unique talents caught the eye of Rinekwall, a renowned California-based design company, which teamed with Hendrickson to create a new line of home décor products.

    Hendrickson, who recently signed a license with Rinekwall for wallpaper, will be meeting with companies at the 2015 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, June 9-11.

    Decades of lab work in molecular biology and pharmaceutical formulation -- along with a passion for photography and design -- have transformed Hendrickson from scientist to modern artist. His ability to capture these complex patterns with a high-resolution digital imaging microscope brings an unseen world of light and pattern into public view.

    The scientific process involves growing the crystals on a microscope slide and the intricate beauty of these “molecular landscapes” is magnified thousands of times. The vibrant color palette often seen is the result of the natural process of light refracting through the crystals, producing a rainbow of colors. Though highly representational, the resulting image’s aesthetic feels both contemporary and abstract.

    “Some crystals have the unique property to behave like a prism,” Hendrickson said. “So as the light then passes through the crystal formations on its way to the camera, the different colors of the visible spectrum can be revealed.”

    The story behind Hendrickson’s artwork often fascinates the viewer as much as the natural elegance of the subject. Hendrickson has begun working with new crystals, including caffeine and wine crystals, to build his creative pattern collection.

    It was in 1980 that Hendrickson’s eyes were opened to the beautiful hidden world of crystals. During this period he grew his first crystals and took his first photograph through a microscope of these hidden gems. In 2005 Lee founded his company Side Street Photographics and began pursuing and exhibiting his photography.

    To learn more about Hendrickson and his uniquely beautiful artistic perspective please visit http://www.photographyofcrystals.com/

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